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Jun 28, 2010

Sometimes I go on about things so much, I bore myself.

But when I see an Internet Marketing Strategy that I know can make any business owner significant amounts of money – and then I see people not doing it – it drives me crazy.

Countless businesses have spent millions of pounds researching what works and what doesn’t on the internet. I myself conduct hundreds of tests every year.

The verdict is in – and it’s clear.

Using the internet as a ‘lead generation’ vehicle by offering your potential customers a compelling Free offer on your homepage or internal ‘landing pages’ (the pages you send visitors to) will produce a response that’s often 500% -1000% higher than just trying to sell to them straight away.

That’s a lot of %

It’s also a lot of money that you’re leaving on the table every month if you’re not doing this.

People say “Oh this does not apply to my business.” Trust me. It does, because it’s dealing with basic human psychology.

One of the reasons your website may not be doing as well as you want it to, is because it’s too much to ask someone who’s never head of you, who stumbles on your website, to immediately make a decision to spend money with you.

But it’s not too much to ask them to begin a relationship with you, by you offering something for Free in exchange for their basic contact information (at least name and email address) You could offer them a Free Report, Article, Sample of your product, Video…the list is endless.
I’ve been advising people to do this for several years and I’m still surprised at how few Entrepreneurs are actually doing it. By the way, a tiny box, hidden in the corner of your homepage offering visitors your newsletter doesn’t count! (Just offering a newsletter does not work any more. It’s perceived as boring.)

So please do this for me in 2008. Create a big, bold offer on your website, offering visitors something they can’t resist, for Free, in exchange for their contact information.

Then follow up with them in a sequence of emails and let your emails do the selling.

This one strategy can transform your results on the internet. Please use it.

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