In the year ahead, I’m going to be keeping you continually updated on the ever changing world of Internet Marketing, to ensure that your website attracts the maximum number of visitors and converts those visitors to lifelong customers. Here’s a checklist, to make sure you’re up to speed on the Internet Marketing basics.

1 Domain Name. Do you have an easy to use domain name, ideally without hyphens and a domain that people will easily understand when they hear it as well as when they see it? If you’re uncertain about your domain name, now may be the time to change it and deal with it once and for all.

2 Are you measuring visitors to your website and the actions they take? When you set up a new website, it’s as important to have this in place as it is to have a good design. Google analytics enables you to do this free.

3 Are the titles of your pages optimized for the Search Engines? The page title is very important. HINT: If the page title is currently the name of your business, you should consider changing it to the keywords your customers use to search for your product or service.

4 Does your home page have an immediate, clear, compelling message for your visitors?

5 Is your site designed to get your visitors to take a specific action? Is this an action that you can measure (so that you can measure visitors against conversions and track the effectiveness of any changes you make.)

6 Have you tested Pay per Click Advertising? If you haven’t, make 2008 the year you become familiar with the tool that has revolutionized the world of marketing and advertising. If you’ve tried Pay per Click without success, use the seminars on the VIP Inner Circle website to improve your results.

7 Do you have an ongoing link campaign to help your free listings in the Search Engines?

8 Do you have an autoresponder, enabling you to automatically collect email addresses from your website 24/7 and send personalised email sequences to your customers?

9 Does your website have a sitemap? This will enable Google and the other search engines to register all of your pages.

10 Do you control your website designers or do they control you? As a VIP Inner Circle member you already know more about internet marketing than most web designers. Make sure you’re the one who makes the key decisions about your online strategy.

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