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Jul 12, 2010

Until now, I’ve actually been quite guarded in my comments about Pay per Click Advertising (Google Adwords)
(If you’re new to Pay per Click or PPC, it’s paying to appear at or near the top of Google’s listings when people search for words and phrases related to your business.)

The reason I’ve been guarded is that Pay per Click has been so successful in the accounts that I’ve worked on, I’ve hesitated in just assuming that everyone else will experience the same success. But I’ve seen a clear trend emerging over the last year that can no longer be ignored.

Virtually every business owner I meet who is defying the Recession and doing extremely well (and there are many of them) is doing PPC and has become an expert at it.

At a recent meeting of my Platinum Group in Florida (Platinum is a small group of elite business owners who I work with personally throughout the year) only one person in the room was not using PPC – and the only reason for that was, he’s doing so well he could not cope at the moment with the flood of extra customers that Adwords will bring.

So this month’s Internet Profit Strategies has a simple message but a profoundly important one.

If you’re not currently doing PPC, or you’ve tried before with no success, please make this year the year you get serious about it. It seems to be the most important development in Marketing for many decades – and for those willing to master it, it also seems to be offering the potential for stunning profits.

And the Recession offers another golden PPC opportunity. Because most business owners have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to internet marketing, manyare pulling back from their online Advertising. Which means you can get better positions for less money.

There is an art and a science to PPC and this year it’s going to become an increasingly important focus in the VIP Inner Circle. I hope that by the end of the year, you will become one of the success stories and one of the increasing number of smart Entrepreneurs I meet who are using PPC to just shrug off the recession

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