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Jul 28, 2010

Businesses are always searching for the Holy Grail of Online Traffic.
The more traffic you have coming to your site, the more prospects you can convert into customers, which means more money. One of the most effective and cost efficient strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website is ‘Article Marketing’. Not only does this strategy increase your customer list, it provides links from other sites which are great for SEO, and it establishes YOU as an expert in your line of business.
Article Marketing is a powerful way to create relevant, quality inbound back links. When your articles are published in newsletters, this creates a highly relevant link back to your site, which will in turn increase your page rank and listings.
How does it work?
You write or hire someone to write articles on your products or service, then submit them to various article sites online with your contact information link. Your prospective customers surf the net looking for a solution to a problem, they read your article, they like it and click on your link, which takes them back to your site or sales page. Other publishers may want to re-publish your article on their blogs/sites. They can do this as long as they keep your contact links intact, which helps you to reach an even larger audience.
How to Get Started:
-Do your research and find out what your customers need and want. Do they have problems to solve? Find the solutions and make a list of articles to write.
-Write an article on each solution – make sure your articles are original, good quality and show a bit of personality. Don’t write an epic – 400 – 450 words is a decent length.
-If you hate to write, or would rather outsource this task, hire a freelance writer. Reputable freelance sites include and Be sure to ask for previous samples of work.
-Remember your Keywords – Research which keywords are used by your customers when they search for your business and put them in your article title and body. Don’t over use them – 4/5 mentions in one article should work.
-Write a great resource box – Each article must have an ‘About Author’ box at the end, which links back to your site or sales page. Write a compelling offer to entice the reader to click the link.
-Submit your articles to Ezine and Article directories – This takes some time, because there are hundreds of them, but you can also use an automatic article submitter that will send out your articles to thousands of directories at once.
-Measure which articles get read more often. This will give you some clues on what your customers needs are.
-Continue to write articles on a regular basis. Having more content on the web that points back to your site, means more potential customers.
Article Marketing is one of the tried and Proven strategies to build your list, become known as an expert and offer value to your target market. The more articles you have out there, the more links you have, which raises your page rank in the search engines which means more traffic. It’s a win-win!

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